LeFebvre, Henri. “The Production of Space” Tansl. D. Nicholson-smith. Oxford & Cambridge: Blackwell, 1991 (1974).

Look up: Descartes and space

“Descartes brought to an end the Aristotelian tradition which called space and time ‘categories’ which facilitated the naming and classing of evidence of the senses”

Cartesian spacial analysis created the “absoluteness” of space — as object as opposed to subject

Look up: Kantian space

Space is contingent upon the effects of reflections and mirrors (hrm…sounds like Foucault)

Talking about space does not automatically make one able to understand and have knowledge of space. Capitalism informs space through distribution of investments and division of labour. “Real space” is the space of social practice, thus, space is produced. “Social space is a social product” (26). Time is contingent upon the rationality of space.

pg 22: “Cosmic space contains energy, contains forces, and proceeds from them. The same goes for terrestial and social space: ‘Where there is space, there is being’. The relationships between force (energy), time and space are problematical.”

Shields, Rob. “Places on the Margin.” London: Routledge, 1991

Looks at the collective myth of spatial concepts. Define space as “a limited area: a site, zone or place characterised by specific social activities with a culturally given identity (name) and image…to questions ‘space’ is to question one of the axes along which reality is conventionally defined…use the term social spatialisation to designate the ongoing social construction of the spatial at the leel of the social imaginary (collective mythologies, presuppositions) as well as interventions in th elandscape (for example, the built environment). This term allows us to name an object of study which encompasses both the cultural logic of the spatial and its expression and elaboration in language and more concrete actions, constructions and institutional arrangements” (30-31). PERFECT! Think i’ll open my section on the understanding of geography and space as it applies to the internet in my paper…

Must make translation coherent of space being socially produced, the net being socially produced to jump into notions of space as geography, thus, net as geography. Am i going to far out there??