Herbert, Steve, Patricia J. Lopez, Matt Townley. 2009. Assessment of Three Public Safety/Human Services Projects: Court Specialized Tx & Access to Recovery Services (CO-STARS), Get Off the Streets (GOTS), and Communities Uniting Rainier Beach (CURB). Seattle: UW. Available at: www.sngi.org/docs/GOTSeval.pdf (City of Seattle Health and Human Services Grant).
Publication year: 2009

This report provides an assessment of three City-funded programs that seek to address the various challenges that confront individuals with a history of criminal offending and some combination of homelessness, chemical dependency, and mental illness. Two of the programs, Court Specialized Treatment and Access to Recovery Services (CO-STARS) and Get Off the Streets (GOTS), began in late 2006, while the other, Communities Uniting Rainier Beach (CURB), began in 2008. Each of these programs is relatively small, emphasizes close and intensive relations with its clients, provides extensive case management services, and employs peer specialists. In these ways, the programs adopt an “Assertive Community Treatment” (ACT) approach.